What We Do



CND Vinylux


File & Polish                                           £9


Express Manicure                                £15

Express French Manicure                   £18


Spa Thai Luxury Manicure                £20

Foot soak, cuticle work, exfoliation, thai thermal treatment mask & thermal mitts, foot massage, file & polish


Chocolate & Vanilla Paraffin Wax   £26

Foot soak, cuticle work, vanilla exfoliation, chocolate & vanilla massage, hot chocolate paraffin wax treatment, file & polish


CND Shellac Manicure                       £18

CND Shellac Glitter Manicure           £21

CND Shellac French Manicure          £21                                        

CND Luxury Shellac Manciure          £28

Spa Thai Luxury Pedicure with Shellac Polish

Gel Nail Overlay with Shellac            £35

Gel Nail Extensions                             £40



Toe Nail Clipping                                     £8


CND Vinylux

File & Polish                                             £9


Express Pedicure                                    £16

Express French Pedicure                       £19


Spa Thai Luxury Pedicure                   £22

Foot soak, cuticle work, exfoliation, thai thermal treatment mask & thermal mitts, foot massage, file & polish


Chocolate & Vanilla Paraffin Wax      £28

Foot soak, cuticle work, vanilla exfoliation, chocolate & vanilla massage, hot chocolate paraffin wax treatment, file & polish


CND Shellac Pedicure                           £18

CND Shellac Glitter Pedicure               £21

CND Shellac French Pedicure              £21                                        

CND Luxury Shellac Pedicure             £28

Spa Thai Luxury Pedicure with Shellac Polish

waxing & eye treatments

Brow Wax                                               £7 Brow Tint                                                £5

Brow Wax & Tint                                £11

Lip or Chin Wax                                    £5

Eye Lash Tint ULTRA

no patch test req’d)                                    £8

Brow Wax, Lash & Brow Tint           £18


Express Lash Extensions

(clusters)                                                 £25

Nouveau Lash Extensions                   £45

Nouveau Lashes Infill (2 wks)             £25

Nouveau Lashes Infill (3 wks)             £35


Under arm                                              £8 

Hi Line Bikini                                       £10

Brazilian                                              £18

Hollywood                                           £23  Half Leg                                               £12  Full Leg                                                £18  Back or Chest                                       £18  


Spray Tan                                            £18

St Tropez or Crazy Angel

Exfoliation, Body Brushing & Tan    £35   

Ear Piercing (inc studs)                       £20

HD Make Up Application                  £20




What We Do




ELEMIS Back, Neck & Shoulder

Massage (25 mins)                                      £25

Relaxing massage tailored entirely to your needs. Leaves the body & mind feeling fully rejuvenated with Frangipani or Green Tea Oil


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage        £20


 Neck & Shoulder Massage                  £30


Soothe away those knots & tension with this very thorough massage using blended invigorating essential oils


Indian Head Massage (25mins)              £20  Traditional scalp massage to help relieve headaches and promote relaxation


Stress Relief Massage (25mins)                £20

De-Stress with a combination of Facial Pressure Point followed by Back Massage using essential oils blended for stress reduction


Theraputica Massage (25mins)                £20

Combination of Full Body Massage & Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage using essential oils blended for relaxation


Deep Tissue Back Massage (20mins)       £25

Extensive massage treatment designed to heat up the muscles & work out knots & tension areas to free you of those aches & pains - not a relaxing massage!


Full Body Swedish Massage (55mins)      £40

Full Body Swedish Massage (65mins)     £45

Enjoy total relaxation with Swedish massage technique using essential oils blended for relaxation or to energise, & lift spirits


ELEMIS Full Body Massage (55 mins)   £45

Relaxing massage tailored to your needs. Leaves the body and mind feeling fully rejuvenated with Frangipani or Green Tea Oil


Hot Stone Massage (55mins)                      £45

Full Body Massage using Hot Stones to deliver a deep massage into the muscle using specially blended essential oils


Thai Thermal Stamp Massage (55mins) £45

Full Body Massage using heated Thai Compresses to deliver a deep massage into the muscles, powerful, detoxifying & purifying

Dermalogica Express Facial (25 mins)  £20

Includes professional double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask & moisturise


Micro-Dermabrasion Facial (25 mins)  £25   Deep exfoliation of epidermis – leaves skin smoother & firmer, reduces pigmentation, lines & wrinkles, blackheads & milia


Dermalogica Luxury Facial (55 mins)  £35

Includes professional double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, pressure point massage, mask, eye treatment, serums & moisturise


Dermalogica ProSkin30 Ultrasonic   £25

(25 mins)        

Experience brighter & healthier skin with this intensive bespoke facial. Professional exfoliation with Ultrasonic technology


Dermalogica ProSkin60 Dermabrasion Ultrasound £45

Target all your skin needs & leave skin hydrated & glowing. Incorporates Dermabrasion & Ultrasound technology for professional exfoliation & deep serum treatment (55 mins)


Dermalogica Pro Power Peel30 Facial (25 mins)   £30.00

Instantly rejuvenates & refreshes skin using collection of AHA’s & BHA’s. Ideal to target lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts.


Dermalogica Pro Power Peel60 Facial (55 mins)                                                    £45

Combines Power Peel30 with advanced techniques & technology incorporating Ion Active Serums, Ultrasonic, LED Light Therapy, Dermabrasion or Ultrasound


Dermalogica Milia/Blackhead Facial 

(40 mins)                                                    £30

Extraction facial to remove comedones (blackheads) & milia. Includes steam, Dermabrasion & micro lance removal


Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Facial      £40 (55mins)               

Microcurrent technology lifts & tones facial muscles, increases collagen production & creates a lifted more youthful appearance


Special Offer

Mesoestetic Chemical Skin Peel          £35

(35 mins)

Advanced Deep Cosmeceutical Peel designed to correct skin ageing, sun damage, dark spots, pigmentation, acne & blemishes

Lactic Acid 30-50% (good for skin showing early signs of ageing)

Mandelic Acid 30-50% (good for oily & acne prone skin & hyper pigmentation)

facials elemis

ELEMIS Superfood Pro Radiance     £35

Detox & nourish stressed skin with amino active mask, rich in super foods, minerals and trace elements, leaving skin deeply nourished with lost moisture replenished.


ELEMIS  Dynamic Resurfacing         £35

Reveal younger looking skin layering 3 targeted enzyme serums to remove signs of ageing. Powerful exfoliation reveals smooth and radiant skin, with a new level of evenness and clarity.


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy       £35

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the famous marine charged Pro-Collagen products leaving your skin with a firmer, lifted & more youthful look.


ELEMIS Pro-Definition                     £35

Restore the architecture of your face with potent plant actives. For a profoundly sculpted youthful effect.

ELEMIS Firm-A-Lift                           £40

Microcurrent & Galvanic)            

Skin is visibly strengthened & contoured with sculpting Galvanic & Microcurrent technology leaving complexion remarkably lifted


ELEMIS Line Eraser                           £40

(Microcurrent & LED)                  

Target  wrinkles & energise the skin with Microcurrent & LED light therapy. Powerful anti-ageing facial effectively irons out wrinkles & lines


ELEMIS Radiance Renew                  £40

(Ultrasonic & Galvanic)     

Ultrasonic Peel removes impurities & dead skin cells & galvanic rejuvenating current restores moisture for visibly brighter skin


ELEMIS Skin Resurfacer                    £40

(Ultrasonic & LED)           

Improves texture of skin & resurfaces addressing skin tone, blemishes & fine lines leaving skin smooth


ELEMIS Salt Scrub (35 mins)                £30

A deeply cleansing salt scrub to encourage cell regeneration for the softest, smoothest, most nourished skin. Skin is intensely moisturised with Frangipani  Oil.


Dermalogica Body Exfoliation          £30

Gentle oatmeal & rice bran powder enzymes remove dead skin cells, brighten skin, & reduce sun spots & hyper pigmentation


Dermalogica Body Brushing, Exfoliation & Massage                                             £45

Luxurious exfoliating body polish treatment with energising & detoxifying massage (55 mins)


Dermalogica Luxury Thermal Body Therapy                                                 £60

Luxurious combination of exfoliation, body brushing, body wrap & massage using antioxidant & nourishing products to work away

tension & alleviate effects of daily stress (1hr 25)